Mobile Application Development

It is crystal clear that the demand of technology has magnified in all business. Accordingly, we become your bridge to design and develop your business digitally. and we develop our products in Cutting edge technology to be user-friendly forever. Every day we are bringing new innovative technology experiences to reality.

1.App building
2.App launching
3.App management
4.Mobile app expertise
5.Mobile strategic consulting
6.Mobile conception & prototyping
7.Mobile app design and development
8.Android application development
9.iOS application development

App building

We design samples to show you and upon your consent go ahead and integrate the technology in a new app or in an existing app of yours or your business. We will implement the technology end-to-end for easy access with cutting edge technologies.

App launching

Accelerate your app submission to the Apple store and Google play store. Lock the live version into production and continue to reinvent your app with user-friendly. Upgrade your apps without interrupting the end user experience.

App management

Manage each app via a secure dedicated CMS (content management system) and Push notifications with a Best UI to update content without resubmitting.

Mobile app expertise

LERPS is an enterprise-class, flexible in mobile application development that enables to create, deploy and manage the application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We authorize to get to market quickly with the unique self-built mobile application that drives to the business value.

Mobile strategic development

LERPS will help you to develop the Mobile strategies to accomplish the business process and project management. We offer the best comprehensive on the topic of Enterprise Mobility, App Development and mobile strategy. In mobile marketing required some industry and update technology knowledge to market the app to the right person.

Mobile conception & Prototyping

LERPS will help you to create and develop classy User-Interface and User-Friendly with interactive ideas of customer requirements for they mobile application. We create high-quality software products that interactive prototype for user testing. And we help you to reach your mobile app to your customer, with the user experience. Agile software development focuses on keeping the code simple, test often and they delivering the bits of applications as soon as they ready.

Mobile APP Design & Development

LERPS creates an intelligent interface and user-friendly screen design with the focus on user interface, our UI interface will uniform appearance in all platforms. We have coupled year of experience in all cross-platform and custom native app development for IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and web application, as well as we have solid experience in data integration, back-end architecture, application management, and application services.

Ios application development

Flourishing apps is a multi-tiered process, off-setting with picking up the right design platform and programming language and ending with a user-friendly native app with our LERPS developers are highly knack in it. We acquire lead of diverse frameworks provided by Apple Inc, for the materialize of a third-party application to provide our client with radical and efficient solution to their needs. `