SAP concur

As a large or mid-size enterprise, you require the ability to capture spend data and control travel policies, budgets and expenses. SAP Concur integration provides all this by integrating travel and expense management on a single cloud and mobile-based platform that connects to existing business systems - simplifying approvals, bookings, expense reporting, reimbursements, analytics and reporting. With SAP Concur, you have full control over the financial aspect of each and every step of your business processes. You can set up our own expense and reimbursement policies, monitor your employees expenses and reimburse all approved expenses quickly and easily.

SAP Concur is integrated with the leading online booking tools. You can configure these tools to fit your travel policies which helps ensure compliance in regards to costs and preferred vendor rules. This enables your company to economize your travel expenditures andspeed

SAP Concur is integrated with SAP ERP. This ensures consistency of data, minimizes the need for reconciliation and increases the ability to analyze and audit expenses. For users, entering expenses into SAP Concur is easy, thanks to features like simplified screens, auto-populated fields and the ability to submit expenses from credit cards feeds. If users cannot access the application itself, they can submit expenses using email.



Manage travel anytime, anywhere. Find the most convenient travel options available.


Unburden travelers from low-value activities - trip planning, approvals, booking, submitting expenses, reimbursements, etc. while simultaneously driving down costs.


Out-of-the-box region- or country-specific templates can be configured to ensure road warriors adhere to company reimbursement rates and travel policies.


Detect policy violations and base reports and analytics on consolidated data to gain the insight needed to monitor budgets and negotiate with vendors.